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Sotsu, Inc. provides clients with assistance to convey their thoughts through the development of software programs in various fields. The core members of Sotsu have more than 15 years of production experience in the game industry.
They have engaged in uncompromising development at major publishers and developers, thinking about things from the client’s perspective.
The development concept at Sotsu is “efficient development without deviation.” We believe that the safe progress of projects without deviation translates into results that deepen our relationship of trust with our clients.
Our corporate business strategy is based on four concepts.
The first is thorough progress management.
In all processes of the project, from planning and design to implementation, we engage in thorough progress control based on quantitative data in order to prevent trouble before it occurs and promote efficient development.
The second is project proposals for our clients.
Our development team is comprised of experienced UI/UX designers, planners and programmers. They have received high marks for always making content and UI proposals from the user/player perspective.
The third is to be a group of technical experts.
The core members have studied the mechanisms and transitions of programming technology over the course of many years through the development of game programs.
Technology is absorbed with much curiosity, and the good and the bad is weighed objectively with logical thinking to deliver the best plan to the client.
The last is video production to convey our clients’ thoughts.
With our technology, we engage in video production using computer graphics to propose our client’s image as a total solution service.


We at Sotsu, Inc. want everyone we are involved with to experience excitement and joy through our development of various software programs.
Our company name consists of two kanji: so (thoughts) and tsu (reach).
We believe the thoughts of every individual will always reach the goal of materialization.
We also have a desire to provide people with excitement and joy.
We want to be a company that earnestly engages in research and development.
We also want to be a company that can communicate with people both in Japan and other countries on a deep level. The members of our team are outstanding human resources hailing from Europe, the United States and Asia.
We will continue striving to meet our clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations.
Thank you for your continued support.

December 2014
Sotsu, Inc. President Hiroaki Murase


Sotsu, Inc. plans and develops various software around the four pillars of smartphone app development, 3D CG video production, game development and amusement machine control development.
Smartphone app development
Our development team comprised of experienced UI/UX designers, planners and programmers give form to our clients’ images.
– Planning and development of intellectual education apps
– Planning and development of smartphone games
Game development
We have an extensive track record, from the 8-bits game machines
System to modern machines, from NEOGEO to Type X
and from coin operated arcade game machines to casino machines.
– Planning and development of arcade games
– Planning and development of consumer games
Video production
We produce a wide range of highly entertaining video content based on an abundance of experience.
– 3D CG video production (modeling, animation, effects, composites, etc.) for movies, TV, animation, events, etc.
– 3D CG production/2D pixel art for consumer games and others
– Video production for amusement machines
Amusement machine development
With a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, we deliver faultless control implementation and graphic and sound effects.
– Development of amusement machine control systems
– Production of amusement machine LCD programs
– Production of simulation tools


  • Company NameSotsu, Inc.
  • EstablishedOctober 2009
  • Capital10 million yen
  • Business descriptionPlanning, production and sale of online content, digital content, amusement equipment and computer game software. Import and export of digital and other content.
  • PresidentHiroaki Murase
  • Tokyo HeadquartersChuoYamada Bldg.2F 3-4-4 Minato Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0043 Japan
  • Tel+81-3-64525418


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Tokyo Headquarters
ChuoYamada Bldg.2F 3-4-4 Minato Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0043 Japan
Tel +81-3-64525418
Fax +81-3-64525419
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